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Ad Hoc Collection

Much of the scanning at the Georgia Archives is impromptu.  A document may be digitized to fulfill a customer order, before being placed on exhibit, or for a class presentation, for example.  We have gathered these random images together, called them the “ad hoc” collection, and make them available to you here.  We hope you enjoy …


Campaign Materials Collection (Capitol Museum Collection)

While many of our founding fathers disdained political campaigning it did not take long before campaigns including speeches, slogans, and songs became an important part of the American experience. Georgia was no exception and throughout its history many memorable campaigns have been run, won, and lost. This collection highlights the …


Capitol Art Collection (Capitol Museum Collection)

In 1825, Georgia state government commissioned life-size portraits of James Oglethorpe, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Marquis de Lafayette to be displayed in the Milledgeville Capitol. These five paintings became the foundation of an art collection that now numbers close to 300 portraits, sculptures, and …


Carnegie Family Collection

Photograph albums compiled by the family of Lucy Coleman Carnegie, who owned most of Cumberland Island, Georgia, from 1881 to 1972 when it was purchased by the National Park Service.  The albums feature Lucy Carnegie's children and grandchildren from 1888 to 1919.  Prominent are albums compiled by or featuring Lucy Coleman …


Chatham County Deed Books

Deeds showing property transactions in Chatham County, Georgia.  These are from Record Group 125-01-003, Chatham County, Superior Court, Deeds and Mortgages.



Church Records Microfilm Collection (No Images)

The Church Records Microfilm Index is the card catalog, compiled by Georgia Archives staff, of the Archives' holdings of church records on microfilm. The cards have been scanned and saved in PDF format with one PDF for the cards for each county.


Arrangement: Church records are arranged alphabetically by denomination, then by the …


Colonial Will Books

Wills recorded in the Royal Colony of Georgia.  These records are from Record Group 049-01-005, Colony of Georgia – Will Books.


Historical Background


After Georgia became a royal colony in 1754, the governor acted as ordinary or appointed an official to carry out such duties.  The ordinary probated wills, provided instructions …


Colonial Wills

Wills probated in the Colony of Georgia.  These records are from Record Group 049-01-002, Colony of Georgia -- Wills.


Historical Background


There are thirty two wills from the Trustee period, 1733-1753.  After Georgia became a royal colony in 1754, the governor acted as Ordinary or appointed an official to carry out the …


Confederate Enlistment Oaths and Discharges

Documents, encluding enlistment oaths, oaths of allegiance, discharges, and pay records, from troops recruited by the State of Georgia, either before the units were turned over to Confederate service outside of Georgia, or for units intended for service only within the state.  These records were taken from Record Groups 022-001-069, …


Confederate Pension Applications

Confederate Pension Applications, 1879-1960


Applications, supporting documentation, and correspondence for indigent or maimed Confederate veterans or indigent widows of Confederate soldiers.  These records are from Record Group 058-01-001, Confederate Pensions and Records, Pension Office, Pension Applications.


Historical …


Confederate Pension Application Supplements

Applications, supporting documentation, and correspondence for indigent or maimed Confederate veterans or indigent widows of Confederate soldiers. These records are from Record Group 058-01-001, Confederate Pensions and Records, Pension Office, Pension Applications.

The original Confederate Pension Applications were microfilmed by the …


County Maps

The County Map File consists of maps of Georgia's 161 (now 159) counties collected by the Office of Surveyor General. Many of the maps in this collection were produced under the direction of the state between 1866 - 1935, including those created by Acts of the General Assembly and the State Highway Department; some maps were created …


County Records Microfilm Index (No Images)

The County Records Microfilm Index is the card catalog, compiled by Georgia Archives staff, of the Archives holdings of county records on microfilm.  The cards have been scanned and saved in PDF format with one PDF for the cards for each county.


Searching the County Records Microfilm Index: Pick the county from the drop-down menu.  …


County Tax Digests

County Tax Digests are records scanned from microfilm in the Georgia Archives. The digital collection currently includes eighteenth century tax records.


Usage Note: Users may download the images for personal or educational use - students may include images in reports, for instance, and teachers may use the images in the classroom - if …


District Plats of Survey

Original surveys of land districts in counties made prior to distribution of land by lottery, 1805-1833, plus resurveys or renewed surveys of districts. These records are from Record Group 003-03-024, Surveyor General -- Survey Records -- District Plats of Survey.


These plats are accompanied by District Survey Field Notebooks. Not all …


District Survey Field Notebooks

Before Georgia's land lotteries of 1805-1833, land surveyors measured the districts to be distributed and created plat maps. These are the field notes from the original surveys.


These field notebooks accompany the District Plats of Survey, though not all field notebooks have a corresponding plat map (some plat maps from these …


Flag Collection (Capitol Museum Collection)

In 1905, Georgia Gov. Joseph Terrell announced that the U.S. War Department had returned twenty-six Civil War flags to Georgia. He requested state funds to preserve the collection. In 1916, the General Assembly mandated that the flags from the Civil War and Spanish American War "be preserved for all time in the Capitol of the State." …


General Name File (No Images)

The General Name File is a card index of personal names in state, local and personal records compiled by Georgia Archives staff.


Searching the General Name File: Click on the Advanced Search Search button. In the First Letter of Surname box, type the first letter of the surname you wish to search. This search will retrieve all records …


Georgia Death Certificates

Georgia Death Certificates from 1919 through 1927. The collection also includes a number of certificates from 1914-1918, with the bulk dating from 1917 and 1918.


The Georgia Archives would like to thank the Genealogical Society of Utah for their partnership in scanning and indexing these records.


Usage Note: Users may …


Georgia Non-Indexed Death Certificates

This Death Certificate search system is provided as an interim solution until the records for 1928-1930 can be indexed and added to the Death Certificate Collection. Many users have asked for these records, so we are providing them with scanned images of the original Vital Records index.


To search, follow these steps (examples given …


Georgia Colonial and Headright Plat Index (No Images)

The original Colonial and Headright Plat Indices were compiled between 1856 and 1859 in four manuscript volumes. Separate volumes cover all names beginning with the letters A through F, G through M, N through S, and T through Z. The index lists the name of the person for whom the land was surveyed, the number of acres, watercourses …


Georgia Power Photograph Collection

Photographs of lighting installations for businesses by Georgia Power. The 305 photographs from this collection are from Accession 1979-0071M, Georgia Power Company Collection.


Historical Background

A part of Georgia Power Company’s business in the 1930s and 1940s was to provide lighting for businesses.  Sometimes, photographs …


Governors' Letterbooks

This collection consists of fourteen letterpress copybooks of outgoing correspondence of Governors William Y. Atkinson, Allen D. Candler, Alfred H. Colquitt, John B. Gordon, Henry D. McDaniel, William J. Northen, James M. Smith, and Alexander H. Stephens.  These books date from 1872 to 1899.


This collection does not constitute the …


Headright and Bounty Plats

Headright and Bounty Plats of Survey, 1783-1909


This series consists of original plats of survey for headright and bounty land plats.  They are the copies submitted to the Surveyor General to be recorded in plat books, the official record copy.


Beginning in 1783 a man living in Georgia could be granted 200 acres of land on his own …


Historic Maps

The Historic Map File consists of maps collected by the Office of Surveyor General focusing on Georgia.  They include maps of the State of Georgia, Georgia towns, and of the southeastern United States, dating from the 1740s.  In addition to showing how Georgia has grown, the maps show how the state’s boundaries have changed over …


Historic Postcard Collection

These 1,666 postcards, dating from the early 1900s through the 1970s, come from a variety of sources in the collections of the Georgia Archives. They depict many historical buildings and landmarks throughout the state. Of particular interest are postcards collected in the 1920s by the Georgia Chapter of the Daughters of the American …


Lamar Q. Ball Collection

This collection consists of photographs collected by Lamar Q. Ball for his multivolume history of World War II in Georgia.  Only one volume of this history, Georgia in World War II: A Study of the Military and Civilian, vol. I, 1939, was published.  These photographs date from 1934 to 1945.


Historic Background


Lamar Q. Ball …


Leo Frank Clemency Application, 1915

Material concerning the trial and appeals of Leo Frank. Included are his application file for executive clemency to commute his sentence from death to life imprisonment, plus evidence from the collection of Governor John M. Slaton. The clemency application file includes supporting documentation and the decision and executive order …


Marriage Records from Microfilm

Marriage Records from Microfilm are records scanned from microfilm in the Georgia Archives. Most of the records are in the possession of the county court which produced the records. Some are in the possession of the Georgia Archives.


For dates of county creation and dates of county boundary chages, see Georgia Counties: Their Changing …


Military Artifact Collection (Capitol Museum Collection)

Georgians have participated in every American conflict from the Revolutionary War to present day conflicts. The artifacts in this collection, from the mundane (canteens) to the ceremonial (medals) to the terrifying (gas masks) illustrate all facets of military life.


Usage Note: Users may download the images for personal or …


Militia Enrollment Lists, 1864

Enrollment Lists of all free white males between sixteen and sixty not serving in Confederate or State service, required under the Act of the Georgia General Assembly for re-organizing the Georgia Militia passed December 14, 1863. These records are from Record Group 022-01-004, Adjutant General, Militia Records. Each image has a "Cite …


Newspapers on Microfilm Index (No Images)

The Newspapers on Microfilm Index is the card catalog, compiled by Georgia Archives staff, of the Archives' holdings of newspapers records on microfilm. The cards have been scanned and saved in PDF format with one PDF for approximately 25 to 30 cards.


Arrangement: Newspapers on microfilm are arranged alphabetically by city, then …


Small Print Collection

The Small Print Collection consists of photographs and visual images roughly 8x10 or smaller collected by the Georgia Archives.  This selection from the Small Print Collection consists of images related to Georgia and includes street scenes, buildings, industrial and commercial sites, politicians, aerial views, and portraits of …


Spanish-American War Service Summary Cards

Georgia raised three militia regiments for service in the Spanish-American War (April-December 1898). All three regiments were sworn into service by mid-May, 1898. They were discharged from service on November 18, 1898.


Major funding to digitize this collection was provided by the R.J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation.  Thank you!


This …


Touring Georgia

As part of its mission to create jobs, and therefore economic well-being, through the promotion of Georgia as a business location or a tourist destination, the Georgia Department of Economic Development (formerly the Department of Industry, Trade, and Tourism) has produced many high quality photographs and slides for use in publications, …


Trademark Registrations

These volumes are the recorded copy of official trademarks and union labels of goods sold or distributed in Georgia and represent their registration with the State of Georgia, 1894-1959.


Included are early trademarks and logos of many familiar products such as Coca-Cola, Goodyear, Listerine, Canada Dry, Palmolive, Walgreen, Wonder …


Vanishing Georgia

The Vanishing Georgia Photographic Collection of almost 18,000 images is the result of a Georgia Archives project begun in the mid-1970s to locate and copy historically significant photographs held by individuals throughout Georgia. A National Endowment for the Humanities grant supported an expansion of the project from 1977-1979, and …


Virtual Georgia

This collection consists of historical and modern images documenting many aspects of everyday life in Georgia. These images were donated to the Archives by current Georgia residents and descendants of former Georgians from across the country. The collection is an extension of the Archives' Vanishing Georgia collection.

The Virtual …


Western and Atlantic Railroad Records

The Western and Atlantic Railroad was a state owned and operated railroad created by an enabling act of the Georgia General Assembly in 1836.  The route ran from Chattanooga to a spot near what is now Forsyth and Magnolia Streets in Atlanta.  The state operated the railroad until December 1870, when operations were transferred to the …



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